Audio/Video Price list

Notice: There is a cancellation fee of $25 for all missed appointments, whether Incidental or accidental​

We accept cash or most major credit / debit cards.​

Absolutely no checks, please.


Fabrication / custom modifications

$25.00 per hour

Speaker Installation

2-Channel or Mono Car Amplifier Installation $100.00
Basic Car Deck Installation $75.00
In-Dash Navigation or In-Dash Video Installation $120.00
Basic Alarm Installation $120.00
Alarm, Remote Start and Keyless Entry Installation $200.00
Exterior cameras, Dash recorders $100.00
  • All prices above represent the labor charges only. The stock is ordered through catalog purchases from selected vendors / sources.
  • To select the products, we advise setting an appointment to meet at your location, or our office in advance.
  • During the appointment, we advise, explain and help you select the best, least expensive and enjoyable product and install options.
  • We do not keep stock.

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