Basic Maintenance / Troubleshooting

There is a cancellation fee of $25 for all missed appointments; Incidental or accidental

Mobile surcharge: $ 20.00 When your location lies outside a 20 mile radius from

Yahl Street, Naples.

We accept cash or most major credit / debit cards.

Absolutely no checks, please.

OBD diagnostics (1996 and newer cars), $10.00 for one-time visitors

Free for regular clients. 

We can find hidden problems that visual inspections and vehicle history reports canít. 100ís of specific OBD2 tests in minutes.

Minor engine work, $ per case

Example:  Spark plugs, wires, fuel filter, air filter, clean or replace, PCV valve, clean throttle body or carburetor, check / replace battery

Car seat replacement, $75.00

Did your dog eat your seats? (ok, laugh but we've seen it) tired of ripping your clothes? Let's replace those seats.

Selected paintless dent removal, $ depending on severity

We use the 1-inch guideline of around $25 per inch, over and above the base price. 
The average cost of repairing a one inch sized dent is somewhere in the region of $60 to $110 depending on factors discussed in our discussion.

Please note:

We do not keep stock.

On all the services above, an appointment at our workshop is preferred, due to transporting tools and equipment.

All prices above represent the labor charges only. The stock is ordered through purchases from selected vendors / sources.

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